Blogs for the year 2018

New Year on Lanzarote: What To Expect
21 December 2018
  There are few better places than Lanzarote to welcome in the new year. Golden sands, vibrant nightlife and plenty of very reasonably priced beverages make it a popular destination for revellers seeking to kick off 2019 in style. In this post, we’ll run through what New Year on...
Feliz Navidad: Lanzarote at Christmas
21 December 2018
Canarians, and Lanzaroteños in particular, make no secret of the pride they have in their own traditions, especially during the festive season. Christmas in Lanzarote is brimming with quirks unique to the archipelago, and in this post, we’re running through some of our favourites. ...
4 Reasons To Book A Last-Minute Christmas Getaway To Lanzarote
28 November 2018
Around the time that exact same Morecambe & Wise special comes on the TV, and the torrential rain turns it into yet another Brown Christmas, you might start to feel very un-festive. There is another way to embrace the season, however, and that’s embarking on a Christmas break that al...
Our Guide To Surfing In Lanzarote
13 November 2018
November might seem like a slightly odd time for a sunshine break, but for surfers, a Lanzarote villa holiday is ideal. If you’re thrilled by the prospect of riding atop the fury of the Atlantic on a thin fibreglass board, then our favourite Canary island is simply an unmissable destinat...
Lanzarote’s Spookiest Locations
24 October 2018
As we’re well into the spookiest month of the calendar, we thought it wise to let you know about some of Lanzarote’s most haunted, eerie and downright scary locations. If you like a holiday with a splash of the transmundane then Lanzarote is the isle for you. Let’s dive in......
Lanzarote Events: Haría Extreme
10 October 2018
Our blog posts often extol the virtues of Lanzarote as a peaceful haven fit for hours of relaxation. Indeed, it is, and we know all about days in which the only exertion is reaching for the next can of Tropical from the comfort of the sun lounger. However, some tourists are on the lookout for...
Car Hire In Lanzarote: What You Should Know
5 October 2018
    When visiting Lanzarote, the single best way to see the island is with a hire car, that enables you to travel at your own pace and take in as much - or indeed as little - as you like. Hiring a car can be intimidating for some as there have been some instances in the past of ...
4 Reasons to Soak Up the Late Summer Sun in Lanzarote
28 September 2018
Better late than never, as the saying goes. This ancient maxim is relevant to taking a late summer sun-seeking holiday, but in some cases, a late summer holiday is actually much better than one at peak season.   Allow us to list some reasons why...   A more relaxed vibe   ...
Cycling in Lanzarote: Planning the Best Break on Two Wheels
17 September 2018
  It’s been a red-letter summer for British cycling, capped off by Simon Yates’s imperious victory in the Vuelta a Espana - joining Chris Froome’s Giro d’Italia win and Geraint Thomas’s Tour de France triumph to make it a clean sweep of British Grand Tour wi...
Lanzarote Museums: 3 Of Our Top Picks
30 August 2018
When it comes to things to do in Lanzarote, the great selection of Lanzarote museums never quite top the list - often missing out to the many amazing outdoor activities, water sports and relaxing escape spots that Lanzarote so proudly boasts. However, these unique visitor attractions serve as a grea...
A Guide To Visiting Lanzarote’s Neighbouring Islands
14 August 2018
    While we’re certain that Lanzarote is the best of the Canary Islands, there’s still a wealth of beauty all across the archipelago that’s well worth taking the time to see - in both the larger island of Fuerteventura and the small islet of La Graciosa. L...
Taking The Plunge: Diving In Lanzarote
30 July 2018
  Thousands flock to Lanzarote each year to soak up the sun’s rays and indulge in a holiday of blissful relaxation, barely moving an inch from the sun lounger and drinking copious amounts of sangria. This type of holiday, as lovely as it sounds, isn’t for everyone. Some ho...
Lanzarote Events: Nuestra Señora Del Carmen
19 July 2018
  You’re probably aware by now that the Lanzaroteño calendar is packed to the rafters with fiestas and events that bring the whole community out onto the streets to celebrate. In fact, 11 out of the 12 months of the year feature some form of festival - only April misses ou...
Quiz: What Kind of Lanzarote Holidaymaker Are You?
3 July 2018
Holidays in Lanzarote offer something for everyone. Holidaymakers that love the local culture or sun-worshippers that barely move off the lounger can both have fantastic breaks on this gorgeous island.  Using our expertise, drawn from decades meeting and accommodating the eclectic mix of tou...
School Holiday Survival Guide: Kids’ Activities in Lanzarote
20 June 2018
The school holidays are on the horizon, and if you’ve not yet put too much thought into a summer break with your family, then now’s the time. Lanzarote is the ideal destination for fun-filled family breaks that have more than enough to entertain the kids and help the adults relax. In...
Lanzarote Events: San Juan Festival
7 June 2018
  One of the best things about a holiday to an island paradise is the feeling of getting swept up in the culture of the place you’re staying in, and bearing witness to a festival wholly unique to the culture of the area. Lanzarote’s San Juan Festival is just that: a celebrati...
Lanzarote Events: Wine Run & Traditional Cuisine Festival
31 May 2018
  As you step aboard your plane, outbound to Lanzarote, what kind of activities do you imagine taking up while you’re there?   Lounging by the pool? Sure.   Sipping cocktails (or a cold beer!) in the sunshine? Absolutely.   Walking barefoot across s...
Long Weekend in Lanzarote: Our Top Tips
4 May 2018
  May is one of our favourite months, blessed with not one but two long bank holiday weekends. However, the British weather has a vindictive habit of letting us down on bank holidays, leaving barbeques soaked in spring rain and beaches windswept and deserted.   A near-guaranteed g...
Lanzarote's Celebrity Visitors
1 May 2018
  When it comes to seeking out blue skies and golden beaches, even celebs can’t resist the allure of the Lanzarote weather. With recorded highs of 43 degrees and the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve island conveniently positioned a short 4-hour flight away, visitors here can enjoy a blend of S...
Canarian Vogue: Lanzarote Fashion Weekend
20 April 2018
Preparations are underway for a glamorous event taking place in the heart of Lanzarote, featuring some of the world’s best designers, some cutting edge technology and a unique venue. In this post, we’ll run through some of the things you can expect to see during the Lanzarote Fashion Wee...
Starter, Main, Dessert: Unmissable Lanzarote Cuisine Destinations
29 March 2018
Lanzarote is a fantastic destination due to its great weather, beautiful beaches and year-round sunshine. But what’s often overlooked is how great the Lanzarote restaurant scene is - from end to end, the island is packed with great food and drink, and this blog aims to get you acquainted with ...
Holidays in Lanzarote: The Quest for Spring Sunshine
28 March 2018
Winter is over, apparently. The days are getting longer, and, once we’ve stopped being blasted by the Beast from the East, the temperatures will start to rise and the snow will be but a distant memory. Apparently.   But what if you can’t wait that long? What if spring turns ou...
Accessible Lanzarote: A Destination Friendly to All
9 March 2018
    Choosing a holiday destination that caters well for people with mobility issues can be a frustrating process that needs due care and attention. Luckily, Lanzarote is a destination brimming with accessible attractions and suitable accommodation options. Below, we’ll run ...
Lanzarote Day Trip Ideas for an Unforgettable Easter Break
26 February 2018
With Shrove Tuesday over and done with, it’s time to look towards the Easter holidays, and what better way to fill those few weeks in April than with an unforgettable holiday in Lanzarote? Below, we’ve listed a few day trip ideas that will ensure that you’ll make the most of your t...
Unmissable Destinations on a Lanzarote Culture Crawl
19 February 2018
  For a small island, Lanzarote has considerable cultural clout. Artists, writers and architects have called the island home over the years, leaving a legacy that is begging to be explored. Luckily for you, we’ve listed five unmissable cultural hotspots to explore at your leisure, from...
5 Reasons to Take A 'Retirement Taster' Trip to Lanzarote
14 February 2018
    For many Brits, retirement means one thing - jetting off to a beautiful island and living out your golden years with sangria in hand, your working life but a distant memory. It sounds like a wonderful idea, doesn’t it? But the process of finding the right place to retire to...
5 Great Reasons to Get Active in Lanzarote
9 February 2018
Whether you’re an avid hiker looking to conquer some challenging terrain or you just want to break the routine of a typical beach holiday, when it comes to active holidays, Lanzarote is sure to deliver plenty of fun-filled options for a memorable trip.    From scuba-diving of...
5 Reasons to Base Your Wedding Plans in Lanzarote
31 January 2018
    With its stunning sunsets, beautiful beaches and year-round balmy climate, Lanzarote is a perfect destination if you’ve got something to celebrate - and it’s ideal if that something is an upcoming wedding. This article will explain how the island is perfectly catere...
The 5 Most Stunning Historical Sites in Lanzarote
30 January 2018
  Lanzarote is an island steeped in history. In fact, it has been an island for 180 million years - that’s roughly one hundred million years before the T-Rex had even evolved. It might be difficult to get your head round the sheer depth of history that this small island has, especial...
Lanzarote 2018: 7 Unmissable Local Events
22 January 2018
One of the most enjoyable aspects of visiting another country is the opportunity to immerse yourself in a culture foreign to your own. How you choose to immerse yourself is entirely up to you. A lot of people choose to go down the route of dining, trying as many different foods and flavours as possi...
5 Reasons to Plan a Winter Holiday to Lanzarote
15 January 2018
Believe it or not, there was a time not too long ago when the sun didn’t disappear before the end of the working day, and the pavements on your morning commute weren’t icebound paths to misery. In fact, it was only a few months ago. It’s called ‘summer’, and it’s ...