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Lanzarote Museums: 3 Of Our Top Picks

August 30, 2018

When it comes to things to do in Lanzarote, the great selection of Lanzarote museums never quite top the list – often missing out to the many amazing outdoor activities, water sports and relaxing escape spots that Lanzarote so proudly boasts. However, these unique visitor attractions serve as a great way to escape the blistering sun of Lanzarote in August, or simply offer a fresh and educational island activity for the rest of the year.

So, in today’s post, we’re breaking down our top 3 picks for the best museums the island has to offer. From pirates to vintage wine, there’s something to tempt anyone away from the poolside of their Lanzarote villas – even if it’s just for an hour or two!

Pirate Museum (Castillo de Santa Barbara, Teguise)

Nestled between the old world and the new, Lanzarote historically became a prime target for pirate attacks. This museum, found overlooking Teguise from the Castillo de Santa Barbara, portrays the experiences and struggles of local residents who had to cope with constant pirate raids.

By first breaking down the history of the former capital Teguise, this unique museum offers an in-depth look at the political, military and religious background of the town, and is a great way to learn more about the shocking history of this storied island.

Combined with a mind-blowing collection of 18th-century replica guns, sabres and cannons, the Pirate Museum will shiver the timbers of children and parents alike – making it one of the very best things to do in Lanzarote as a family.

Museum of International Contemporary Art (Arrecife)

Located in the stunningly renovated 18th-century castle, Castillo de San Jose, this small museum houses a top-quality range of modern paintings and sculptures by leading artists.

Historically known by the locals as the Fortress of Hunger, the castle was originally constructed in an effort to repel pirates and reduce poverty in the wake of major volcanic eruptions in 1730. Lowering its drawbridge to the public in 1976, the fortress now displays a world-famous art collection set against the iconic thick stone walls.

Downstairs, the museum boasts art of the more edible variety. As one of Lanzarote’s most stylish restaurants overlooking the breathtaking views of Arrecife’s main port, a trip to the Museum of International Contemporary Art is one of the more sophisticated things to do in Lanzarote, and is the perfect way for couples to spend an afternoon.

The El Grifo Wine Museum (San Bartolomé)

This must-visit attraction is the ultimate way to get an authentic taste of Lanzarote’s history. Housed in the oldest bodega in the Canary Islands, the El Grifo Wine Museum provides fascinating insight into the viniculture methods of the island.

With Lanzarote vines under cultivation for at least 500 years, wine production remains a rich heritage that’s central to the economy of the island. Highly knowledgeable, multilingual guides explain how the island overcame volcanic destruction to become a significant wine distributor, producing ‘Nectar of the Gods’, which graced the tables of Kings and Queens and was even championed by none other than William Shakespeare.

All the exhibits are set against a backdrop of authentic Canarian architecture, making the museum a fabulous way to really engage with the history of Lanzarote. And to answer your question, yes – you do get to taste a sample or two!

castillo de santa barbara

There’s a museum to suit all ages and interests in Lanzarote, and visiting them is an ideal way to discover more about this amazing island. Book your trip with Optima Villas today, to ensure you can come back to one of our luxurious Lanzarote villas after your busy day exploring the island’s unmissable museums.

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