Starter, Main, Dessert: Unmissable Lanzarote Cuisine Destinations

Posted on 29 March 2018

Lanzarote is a fantastic destination due to its great weather, beautiful beaches and year-round sunshine. But what’s often overlooked is how great the Lanzarote restaurant scene is - from end to end, the island is packed with great food and drink, and this blog aims to get you acquainted with our top three destinations for quality cuisine - starting at the island’s capital and working our way back to Playa Blanca.



Capital cuisine: Arrecife 
The capital and largest settlement on the island, Arrecife has the widest selection of food, from pizzerias through Chinese to traditional lanzaroteño food. A highly regarded place for both lunch and dinner is Strava Bar, offering local tapas options in a tiny setting on Calle Gines de Castro y Alvarez - just off Plaza de las Palmas. Another place that has attracted the attention of food bloggers at the Telegraph is Tabla Arrecife, a great little burger joint just off the waterfront near the Parque Islas Canarias, which offers outlandishly creative burger options at a very reasonable price point.
It’s a beautiful town to just wander through, so our overall advice would be to stroll until you find somewhere perfect for you - there are plenty of great places overlooking the harbour and in and around the narrow winding streets.
Puerto del Carmen: family-friendly
Puerto del Carmen is a resort town roughly halfway between Arrecife and Playa Blanca, and offers some great family-friendly food options. The Asian Kitchen near the seafront is a great place for a meal with a twist - as the chef cooks a great blend of Asian food right front of you with great skill. Another top recommendation if you’re willing to splash out is Arena, further into the town but well worth the walk thanks to its garden layout.


Playa Blanca: our personal favourite
All of our villas in Playa Blanca are within easy reach of the main town and the restaurants it has to offer, and as we know, there are some high-quality food options in Playa Blanca. Stunning views are available from El Mirador and Romantica - both on the seafront and both offering great cuisine, including sirloin steak served with a reduction of port, sherry and caramelised onions, making for pure luxury. Moving away from wholly Spanish and Canarian cuisine, Sebastyan’s offers great Greek food and a quality wine selection with the same picturesque view across the strait to Fuerteventura. Playa Blanca restaurants are all pretty great, so take a sunset stroll and see where your stomach takes you.
And beyond…
Lanzarote sits atop a huge amount of volcanic activity, meaning that some volcanoes are still pumping out heat, despite the last eruption being all the way back in 1824. All this heat makes for a good cooking surface, which is something the proprietors of the El Diablo restaurant in the Timanfaya National Park use to their advantage - all of their food is cooked using the volcanic heat seeping out of the rugged ground, making their place well worth a visit. 
After several Lanzarote day trips to sample the food, the best way to unwind after enjoying glorious cuisine is to kick back in your very own private villa. Why not have a browse of our full range of villas in Lanzarote and get planning your foodie getaway today?
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