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Taking The Plunge: Diving In Lanzarote

August 24, 2018

Thousands flock to Lanzarote each year to soak up the sun’s rays and indulge in a holiday of blissful relaxation, barely moving an inch from the sun lounger and drinking copious amounts of sangria.

This type of holiday, as lovely as it sounds, isn’t for everyone. Some holidaymakers like a splash of adventure alongside their relaxation, and the opportunity to hone a new skill in perfect conditions. Skiers go to the Alps, hikers head for the Himalayas and scuba divers head for Lanzarote’s perfect waters.

In this post, we’d like to run through what the Canaries’ premier destination offers those wanting to get into diving, and why it’s one of the best things to do in Lanzarote.

A great place for beginners

If you’ve never strapped on an oxygen tank and taken the plunge before, then Lanzarote is the ideal venue to learn the ropes. Not only home to the majority of our villas in Lanzarote, Playa Blanca also boasts the Dive College Lanzarote, arguably the best-equipped diving school on the island.

A world-leading underwater museum

Once you’ve learned your hand signals and perfected your undersea swimming techniques, then the Museo Atlantico awaits. Situated 14 metres below the surface of Playa Blanca Bay, it’s swiftly gaining a reputation as one of the island’s most unmissable sights. Diving in Lanzarote is simply not complete without swimming amongst the otherworldly exhibits at the bottom of the bay.

Consisting of over 300 sculptures by British artist Jason deCaires Taylor, the museum depicts everything from an eerie procession of human figures (The Rubicon) to the haunting Raft of Lampedusa, a stone carving of a refugee boat inspired by the ongoing Mediterranean refugee crisis.

Non-divers can view these sculptures from glass-bottomed boats, but there’s nothing quite like getting close to the exhibits, which form part of an artificial reef that attracts local sea life and aids conservation efforts.

A wealth of wildlife

When you’re scuba diving in Lanzarote’s pristine waters, you’re almost certain to find some local sea life popping up to say hello. Dive sites such as the Flamingo Wall – a coral reef inhabited by trumpet fish, barracudas and even the odd angel shark – offer just that in abundance. Other sea life highlights include the Coloradas volcanic rock formation and the Pechiguera, known as the underwater ‘Grand Canyon of the Canaries’.

There are also mysterious wrecks to explore, with fishing boats and ferries lining the spooky depths just off Puerto Del Carmen. These dives are ideal for experienced undersea operators, proving the island has a lot to offer – no matter your skill level – making diving one of the most varied Lanzarote activities.

After a long day diving in Playa Blanca and the surrounding area, you’ll welcome a luxury villa where you can sit back and enjoy an evening of relaxation. Have a browse of our full range of villas today and start planning your diving break!

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