Shutter Island: A Photographer's Guide to Lanzarote

Posted on 06 March 2019


Nowhere has a landscape quite like Lanzarote, which makes it an alluring place for photographers of all skill levels to come and try to capture its otherworldly beauty.
In this post, allow us to be your Lanzarote guide as we reveal the best places to photograph on the island, and how you can make the most of your time so you can take home some truly spellbinding holiday photographs.

Sunset snaps 

It might not be one of the premier things to do in Lanzarote, but photography can be the perfect way to experience its unique landscape. A good place to start in terms of capturing a beautiful moment while on your getaway is the glorious Atlantic sunsets that grace the western edge of the island.

All you need to do is settle on a remote, unspoilt piece of the western coast - we recommend the quiet areas around El Golfo in the Timanfaya National Park or Punta Gines, the westernmost point on the island. Once you’re settled, wait for the sun to turn the sea into a burning expanse and take some glorious photos of an unforgettable moment.

Moonscape Timanfaya

Arguably the most striking aspect of Lanzarote is its volcanic landscape, typified by the Timanfaya National Park. The red soil and stark, treeless vista is catnip to landscape photographers - but we’d advise photographing the park while the sun is lower in the sky to capture the dramatic contrast in light.

Private vehicles are prohibited in the park, so you’ll have to second yourself to a tour group, which might seem like the adventurous photographer’s nightmare, but the sheer scale of the park and the variety in the landscape means that you won’t need to venture off to find the perfect shot.

Pueblo photography

Aside from the more developed parts of the island, Lanzarote is littered with sleepy villages built with traditional architecture. These unspoilt parts of the isle make for perfect photographic subjects - with the added bonus that you won’t be crowded out by other photographers.

Bringing your DLSR along for a hike around charming pueblos like Yaiza or the former capital Teguise is a wonderful way to spend a day exploring. You might even come across some of the less well-known works of Cesar Manrique amongst the picon fields and whitewashed homes.

...And the best place to relax

Of course, one of our favourite Lanzarote activities is relaxing by the pool after a hard day’s sightseeing. Staying in one of our villas in Playa Blanca will mean you’re well placed to explore any of these sights and be home in time for a dip in your private pool.

So, whether it’s seascapes, landscapes or otherworldly moonscapes, there’s plenty to capture on Lanzarote. Browse our range of villas today to find your perfect base for a photography trip you’ll never forget.

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