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4 Creative Ways To Reveal A Holiday As A Christmas Gift

November 22, 2019

Nothing beats seeing the face of a loved one on Christmas morning when they unwrap that surprise gift you’ve had hidden away for months. But if you’ve booked a trip away for a Christmas gift this year, knowing how to present it and still get that precious moment can be tough – after all, it’s that moment of joy upon unwrapping a gift that makes it all worthwhile.

That’s why today, we’re offering up 4 creative ways you can reveal your holiday surprise to your loved one this holiday season – because let’s be honest, we all love to unwrap a present, regardless of our age!

Pack a suitcase 

First thing’s first – this is going to take a bit of organisation. Buy a suitcase (or even wrap their existing one if that’s what your budget dictates) and pack it with their holiday clothes. Of course, this relies on you being confident in how well you know the fashion preferences of the gift receiver, but even if you end up opting for that t-shirt they haven’t worn since ‘09, it’s the thought that counts! 

This should go without saying, but be sure to fill the suitcase with clothes relevant to your destination. For example, that new thick jumper won’t agree with the Lanzarote weather, and a pair of denim shorts won’t be suited to France’s ski slopes!

Don’t reveal the surprise straight away – instead, let the mystery slowly unravel one step at a time. If you’ve bought a new suitcase, it’s likely your loved one will assume that this is the gift itself, which will only make the surprise that much sweeter when they look inside and the wheels slowly start turning! 

Get them a guidebook 

If the thought of packing for your loved one’s holiday doesn’t appeal, why not play it safe and buy them a guidebook of the destination you’re visiting? 

Books like this Lanzarote guide offer great detail on a whole range of things relating to your destination, as well as including pop-out maps – meaning that not only is this a creative way of revealing the surprise come Christmas morning, but it’s also a highly practical gift once you’re out there! 

Wrap their passport 

For a cheap and easy way of revealing your holiday gift, why not wrap-up your loved one’s passport? Since it’s only small, you can even include this in a Christmas stocking! 

When it comes to revealing the destination, you have two options. For some real mystery, opt to keep the destination of where they’re jetting off to a secret until they reach the airport. Or, if like us you’re terrible at keeping secrets, slip a scratch and reveal card into their passport and wait to see the excitement on their face as their destination is slowly revealed.  

Gift them a diary 

This option entails a bit more initial intrigue than our other options as, for many, a diary is a viable gift in itself. As such, your loved one probably won’t think much of it when they unwrap their new diary – making the surprise only that much sweeter once they realise the true intention! 
To indicate this, mark off the dates they’re jetting off and tell them to look through the diary until they stumble across the surprise. What better way to turn a seemingly simple present into the most exciting one of the year?


Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

If reading this has got you wishing you were gifting your loved one with a surprise holiday this Christmas, worry not – it’s not too late. On the contrary, we’ve got plenty of deals on last minute holidays to Lanzarote this winter and into 2020!

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