Lanzarote’s Spookiest Locations

Posted on 24 October 2018

As we’re well into the spookiest month of the calendar, we thought it wise to let you know about some of Lanzarote’s most haunted, eerie and downright scary locations. If you like a holiday with a splash of the transmundane then Lanzarote is the isle for you. Let’s dive in...

The remnants of piracy

Hundreds of years ago, Lanzarote was a battlefield - and we don’t mean for the best sun lounger around the pool. Piracy was rife on this edge of the Atlantic, so the local population built a series of hill forts that allowed them to scour the high seas for vagabonds and thieves.

Key to this was the Castillo de Santa Barbara, which currently contains the Museum of Piracy,  the only place on Lanzarote where you’ll be able to learn about this brutal chapter in the island’s history. Featuring weaponry from the period as well as detailed models and the original dungeons where captured pirates were kept all those years ago, the museum is one of our favourite Lanzarote days out.

The wreck of the Telamon

Lanzarote’s only shipwreck is also one of its most ghostly sights. The Telamon was built in Glasgow in the 1950s and worked as a freighter before it was struck down by a huge storm in the winter of 1981, where it ended up on the Lanzarote coast between Arrecife and Costa Teguise.

Going to see this rusting hulk is certainly a unique Lanzarote excursion. It fits in well as a spooky photo shoot location or an unusual place for a picnic, although the daring amongst your party may want to visit the wreck at night to look out for spooky maritime spirits...

Challenge your submechanophobia*

*That’s the fear of underwater objects to you and me.

There’s something unnerving about the solemnity of the figures affixed to the bottom of the ocean at the Museo Atlantico, just off the coast of Playa Blanca. One of the hotspots for scuba diving in Lanzarote, you’ll certainly get an eerie feeling from the sculptures that comment on everything from environmental decline to the refugee crisis.

You can also visit the museum from a glass-bottomed boat if getting up close and personal to these statues is a little too spooky for your liking. We have a wide variety of villas in Playa Blanca, so if and when the statues become sentient and decide to rise up against humanity, you’ll be on the frontline - don’t say you weren’t warned!

Local legends

Local myth and legend dictate that Lanzarote is the last remnant of the mythical lost nation of Atlantis, a huge continent-sized country that was allegedly swallowed by the sea, leaving only written accounts and tales told around campfires (or on private villa terraces). 

Indeed, before the ‘New World’ was ‘discovered’ by Christopher Columbus, The Canaries were known as the ‘edge of the world’ where sailors would meet their doom if they continued westward… Plenty to mull over while sipping a cocktail gazing over the western horizon!


So, if you fancy heading to a volcanic pirate island that features boiling hot water shooting out of the ground and eerie local tales of lost continents, then you should book your Lanzarote late deal holiday now - there’s nothing shocking about our Lanzarote villa prices!


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