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3 Things to Expect From A Winter Holiday in Lanzarote

November 15, 2019

Lanzarote might not be the first destination that springs to mind when considering a winter break, but the fact of the matter is, this holiday-haven of sun, sea and tranquility has just as much to offer throughout the winter period as it does in the summer. 

That’s why today, we’re running through 3 things you should expect if you’re considering a last minute Lanzarote holiday this winter, covering everything from the weather to the festivities to prove that Lanzarote is the perfect holiday destination all year round. 

You can wave goodbye to short, cold winter days 

Whatever the season, one thing’s for sure – our famous Lanzarote weather will deliver! 

With that in mind, a winter retreat to the Canary Islands will see you swap out cold days and long, dark nights for warm temperatures and hours of sunlight. Even on our shortest day of the year, the sun will rise at around 7:30am and not set until 6pm, ensuring you still have plenty of time to soak up those long-lost rays. 

With the sun shining and warming Sahara winds blowing, daytime temperatures usually range between 18 °C and 24 °C. Believe it or not though, it can sometimes rain at this time of year, however spells tend to be short and heavy – meaning you’ll be back on your sunbed before you know it

You don’t need to worry about seasonal hours 

Here in Lanzarote, we don’t really have an ‘in’ season like other popular holiday destinations. As such, you won’t need to worry about whether your Lanzarote sightseeing trips will be disrupted by a change in opening hours – anything you can do in summer, you can do in winter, too!

As a result, look to take advantage of the many great trips in Lanzarote – from scenic romantic dinners for two to endless family fun, you won’t miss out on all the great things the island has to offer. As our top tip, we’d recommend taking advantage of the slightly cooler weather by embarking on one of the many picturesque hikes on the island. Covering everything from volcanoes to beaches, your spoilt for choice for things to do in Lanzarote throughout the year.

You’ll still feel festive  

You’d be forgiven for assuming you might lose some of the festive magic by escaping on a last minute Lanzarote holiday over the Christmas period, however this simply isn’t the case! 

Lanzarote retains the magic of Christmas despite the warm weather, meaning you’re sure to still be feeling festive during the holiday season. Each town and village is always decorated with beautiful festive lighting, with many also featuring must-see nativity displays, locally known as ‘Beléns’. If you happen to be on the island come Christmas Day, you’ll even be able to get your traditional Christmas dinner, with most restaurants and bars remaining open on December 25th. The only downside? You might get a little sick of hearing Spanish Christmas classic, Feliz Navidad!  

In Lanzarote, the Christmas festivities don’t end on Boxing Day, however. King’s Day, celebrated on January 6th, is the big celebration commemorating the day Jesus was visited by the three Kings in the nativity story – so expect to see plenty of gifts being exchanged and be prepared to even spot the Kings atop of camels during the King’s parade!


With so much to do in Lanzarote during winter, what’re you waiting for? Ditch the cold weather and winter blues by booking a last minute Lanzarote holiday in your very own villa today! 




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