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Lanzarote’s Hidden Secrets: Preparing for Space Exploration

July 1, 2019

While the Canary Islands might not be the first place that comes to mind for Martian encounters, the landscapes of Lanzarote have often been compared with the geology found on the moon and Mars. That’s what has attracted teams of researchers and specialised technicians to this beautiful Island, for a trip to Lanzarote with a purpose that most may not anticipate! 

In this post, we’re discussing how Lanzarote’s volcanic landscape makes it an ideal canvas as a research area for space exploration.

An extraordinary geographic resemblance 

The UNESCO Lanzarote Biosphere Reserve, as declared in 1993, has since been the attraction of scientific research for its flat volcanic landscape with ample lava fields and craters in Timanfaya National Park. Its subtropical, dry climate, extreme winds and red sands form breathtaking scenery with an uncanny likeness to Mars, right here on Earth. 

Using the Lanzarote landscape, scientists are facilitated with the ability to imagine real-life space situations and explorations – leaving astronauts with sufficient knowledge to be prepared for discoveries into space, making the Lanzarote landscape fundamental to forthcoming space explorations. Ultimately, the landscape provides a canvas to prepare and equip astronauts to become experienced explorers of missions on other planets, facilitating greater space discovery and the development of new space technology. Considering NASA’s plans to revisit the moon in 2024, the Lanzarote landscape has become fundamental to modern day space exploration techniques.

A land of scientific operations

It’s no surprise that since then, Lanzarote has become one of the most important research centres for space exploration in the world. The volcanic landscape is now used by the likes of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and the European Space Agency for astronaut training, and to test robotic space exploration vehicles before they eventually make their way to real-life space exploration. 

However, this beautiful volcanic landscape in the Canaries has extended its fame to attract everyday visitors, too! Hence the recent explorations of couple Raúl Martínez Morales (former astrophysicist) and Amanda Mandry (avid stargazer), who set out to survey Lanzarote’s atmospheric scenery for its incredible similarities to Mars once a week. With caves equivalent to the moon and Mars, Lanzarote is an affordable, yet uncanny equivalent to extra-planetary territory, which is accessible to most. So, Lanzarote may be more than just the relaxing beach holiday destination which many had previously perceived it as. 

See it for yourself

Whether you’re preparing some extra-planetary exploration, undertaking some geological testing, or simply fancy a taste of some similarities with the red planet in the comfort of a Lanzarote villa, for anyone interested in space exploration, Lanzarote won’t disappoint. For a holiday that offers the best of both worlds, Lanzarote is an incredible landscape to explore.

This year marks the 50th anniversary since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first people to step foot on the moon in 1969. So, what better time to explore Lanzarote’s lunar and martian landscapes, and gain a taste of Mars for yourself? From the black sand beaches which compose Lanzarote’s unique coastline, to the cave formations around the coastline which were once lava tunnels, the incredible scenery is sure to provide the wow-factor. 

Volcanic rock on beach

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a former astrophysicist or are looking for a summer holiday which offers an other-worldly experience, the Lanzarote landscape promises a break which will leave you with breathtaking memories and unforgettable moments – alongside a unique extra-planetary experience! Take a look at our range of villas today to ensure you have the perfect place to relax after exploring the extraordinary Lanzarote landscape.

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