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Healthcare in Playa Blanca

How Will Brexit Affect EHIC Cards?


The EHIC card scheme remains in place until the end of the Brexit transition period, which currently means EHIC cards are valid for use on Lanzarote until at least December 31st 2020.

This means that if you fall ill on holiday and need to use the public health service, your access to assistance will be the same as it would be for any resident of the island.

The UK Goverment has warned that future use of EHIC cards in 2021 and beyond is subject to negotiation between the UK and the EU. So if you are booking a villa holiday with us in 2021 you are advised to take out adequate travel insurance to cover medical eventualities.

You can still apply for an EHIC card if you are travelling to Lanzarote in 2020 and do not yet have one. Head to the NHS website for more information on how to apply for an EHIC.

It is best to use the NHS website for the application, as other websites may charge you for the form. You will need to make separate applications for each individual, including children. You are advised to have an EHIC even if you have a separate travel insurance policy. Each EHIC is valid for five years. In Spain, local residents contribute between 10% – 60% of the costs of their medical prescriptions, so you will find that you will be required to do the same at the chemists.

If you need to see a doctor or attend a local hospital, you will receive what is termed ‘medically necessary’ treatment – i.e. x-rays and stitches, prescriptions, etc. To see a doctor in Spain’s health service, you will need to visit the Centro de Salud, which is on the Avenida el Varadero, just 20 metres from the Optima Estates office.

You should take your passport and EHIC with you and you will need to give the address of where you’re staying. The receptionist will ask you to fill out a form giving details such as name, address, etc. You will then either be told to wait to see the doctor or given an appointment to attend later in the day or on a subsequent day, depending on how busy it is.

Lanzarote Public Healthcare

The main hospital on the island is located just on the outskirts of the capital, Arrecife. If you are taken there for treatment, you may be admitted to the accidents and emergencies department.

Most of the staff here do not speak English but they will be courteous and treat you in the same way as a local patient. You will need your EHIC if you are admitted to hospital.

You should also be aware that, unless an ambulance has been requested to take you to hospital by a doctor or member of the emergency services, you will incur a charge for this transport.

Private Medical Care

Given that the main hospital is some distance from Playa Blanca, many tourists who need to see a doctor prefer to use one of the private surgeries that can be found in the resort for immediate attention.

As these are private clinics, you will have to pay to see the doctor as well as for any prescriptions or treatments given to you. The range of treatments they can cover include cardiology, paediatrics, general practice and gastroenterology.

Clinica Jorgani is run by a team of medical professionals, all of whom speak English. Seeing the doctor is by a previously arranged appointment at one of their clinics, but they will also make house visits, if needed.

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Avenida Papagayo – C.C. Papagayo L – 54 C – Yaiza 35570
Telephone 0034 928 349 617

Dental Treatment

Should you need to visit the dentist while on holiday, there are several dental clinics in Playa Blanca. They are all private, as no dental care is covered by the health service in Spain – however, most treatment is still cheaper than in the UK.

Clinica Endodent

Calle La Galana, 3 – Bajo

33580 Playa Blanca

Tel: 0034 928 349 184

You can find Calle La Galana in the centre of Playa Blanca. It is the first left hand turn off the Avenida Papagayo after the roundabout by the tourist office, as you head towards the Papagayo beaches and Playa Dorada. It is three-quarters of the way up this street and on the ground floor.

Dental Klinic Low Cost

Calle el Correillo, 46

35580 Playa Blanca

Tel: 0034 928 813 300

This clinic is on the same street as the post office, which is the street that runs parallel to the pedestrian shopping street – Calle Limones – in the heart of the resort.


Pl. NstraSra del Carmen, 6

35580 Playa Blanca

Tel: 0034 928 349 171

Easydent is located by the little church on Avenida Papagayo, as you drive towards Playa Dorada, about 400 metres from Calle Limones and the tourist information kiosk.

Reduced Mobility Visitors

Holidaymakers who require equipment such as mobility scooters or wheelchairs during their stay can arrange to hire them before they arrive, with locally based company Island Mobility.

They will bring the equipment you require to your accommodation.

Tel: 0034 696 389 034

General Health Advice

The main precautions tourists should bear in mind while on holiday are the following:

  • Apply a high factor lotion regularly and keep sensitive skin covered
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration
  • Avoid sun bathing during the hottest hours of the day