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Lanzarote Guide

If you are booking one of our Lanzarote holiday villas then we would always advise that you get out and explore this incredible island. Lanzarote has so much to offer visitors and is easy to explore as it is relatively small, measuring just 60km by 48km. So it’s possible to take in most of the main sites in just a day. Although you may of course want to spend more time exploring. Explore our Lanzarote travel guide right here, or visit our FAQs page to find answers to popular customer queries.


If you plan to visit just one attraction when holidaying on Lanzarote then place this at the top of your list. As the Timanfaya National Park is the spot where massive volcanic eruptions rocked the island back in the 18th century. An event that is relatively recent in geological terms so the eerie landscapes and lava flows here are still pristine and untouched by human hands or erosion. making for a truly awe-inspiring spectacle. Timanfaya is also just a short drive from Playa Blanca and is open daily from 10.00 to 18.00.

Jameos del Agua

The influence of the famous island born artist César Manrique is inescapable on Lanzarote. As he was instrumental in the creation of most of the islands main visitor attractions, as well as many fine examples of kinetic art, such as the wind toys that adorn many of Lanzarote’s roundabouts. The Jameos del Agua in the north of the island is arguably his greatest work – due to it´s sheer scale. Here he transformed an enormous collapsed lava tube into an amazing underground space, replete with pools, great gardens and a fantastic concert hall. The Jameos typifies Manrique´s philosophy of fusing art with nature and is open daily from 10.00 to 18.30.

The Green Caves

Located just across the road from the Jameos del Agua the Green Caves form part of the same collapsed lava tunnel. And once provided sanctuary for islanders from the frequent pirate raids experienced throughout the 16th and 17th centuries. Unlike the Jameos, the Green Caves remain largely unadorned and in their natural state – aside from the addition of atmospheric lighting. And they are also home to one of Lanzarote´s best kept secrets – explore for yourself to discover it! Open daily from 10.00 to 18.00.

Mirador de Rio

Another Manrique marvel the Mirador del Rio occupies the spot of a former lookout post and naval gun battery, fortified by the Spanish during the 1890´s as they fought their ultimately unsuccessful war against the United States. Manrique initially transformed this into a restaurant – but today it´s main purpose is to provide amazing views of the small neighbouring island of La Graciosa, which is situated some 450metres below. Open daily from 10.00 to 17.45.

César Manrique Foundation

The former home and studio of Cesar Manrique is an amazing feat of architecture as it is built over five interconnecting bubbles in the lava flow that surrounds the village of Tahiche. Today it houses a fine selection of modern art drawn from some of Manrique contemporaries such as Picasso and Pancho Lasso. As well as a gallery showcasing some of his best canvasses. A real must for fans of art and architecture the Foundation is open daily from 10.00 to 18.00.

The Cactus Garden

The Jardin de Cactus was created by Manrique in collaboration with the eminent botanist Estanislao Gonzales Ferrer and is a real celebration of the plant world’s spikiest species. It is housed is a former quarry in the heart of what used to be Lanzarote´s cactus country – once the basis for a flourishing trade in the natural red dye cochineal. There are some 1400 different species here – making it a real plant lovers paradise. Open daily from 10.00 to 17.45.

Other Important Attractions

There are plenty of other fascinating attractions and places to explore on the island, such as the breathtaking Valley of 1000 Palms, the historic former island capital of Teguise and the Monumento Al Campesino in Mozaga – yet another Manrique creation. To find out more about the what Lanzarote has to offer visit www.lanzaroteguidebook.com.