Canarian Vogue: Lanzarote Fashion Weekend

Posted on 20 April 2018
Preparations are underway for a glamorous event taking place in the heart of Lanzarote, featuring some of the world’s best designers, some cutting edge technology and a unique venue. In this post, we’ll run through some of the things you can expect to see during the Lanzarote Fashion Weekend on the 12th of May, all while touching on the island’s artistic heritage that has enthralled and inspired visitors and residents alike for many years.


An eye-catching venue
Lanzarote Fashion Weekend 2018 will take place in the Jameos Del Agua (pictured above), one of the world’s most unique venues. Fashioned by the artist Cesar Manrique from natural ‘jameos’, formed when lava flowed out of the nearby Monte Corona Volcano. Manrique’s eye for design transformed the natural space into an area that is fit for a cutting-edge event like the Lanzarote Fashion Weekend, complete with small indoor ponds filled with the tiny, blind lobsters (Mundiopsis polymorpha) - a symbol of the island. It’s difficult to find a venue that’s more typically Lanzaroteño than the Jameos del Agua.
While this attraction is a staple of Lanzarote day trips, seeing this unique space in its pomp as a venue for an event as prestigious and stylish as the Lanzarote Fashion Weekend is something that simply can’t be missed.
An otherworldly event
Everything we’ve heard about the Lanzarote Fashion Weekend has got us more and more excited about the event. The organisers have put a real focus on making it as futuristic as possible - quite easy when the venue itself brings to mind a supervillain’s lair. 
The event will kick off with the exhibition of an exclusive collection by Custo Barcelona, which will include some pieces inspired by Lanzarote being shown off on the catwalk. After the fashion show, guests will sample a food and cocktail menu designed in part by IBM’s Watson AI technology, and will interact with robots - such as Taro, a bot that will update guests about the event, and Reeti, another robot that tweets photos.
Even the lighting will be smart, as an algorithm will analyse attendees’ tweets and choose a colour based on their mood  - so you’re sure to be in for a futuristic, otherworldly experience in the volcanic caves of the Jameos del Agua.
A cultural history
We’ve spoken before about the considerable cultural clout of this small island, but it bears repeating that Lanzarote isn’t just sun, sea, and sangria. It’s been the home of artists and writers for hundreds of years, drawn in by the sea air and unique light, which makes it a fitting place for a fashion show of the Lanzarote Fashion Weekend’s magnitude. 
The event is heavily inspired by Cesar Manrique, as it takes place inside his volcano-hewn magnum opus, and his art is visible all across the island, from his wind sculptures to his home in Costa Teguise.
Manrique’s artistic vision was termed as ‘Art-nature/Nature-art’ - his works always respect the natural world, this includes the Jameos Del Agua itself, The Mirador Del Rio viewpoint and his push to remove billboards from the island so the natural volcanic beauty shines through.
Another creator inspired by Lanzarote is the director Pedro Almodóvar, whose 2009 film Los abrazos rotos (Broken Embraces) is inspired by a photo he took on El Golfo beach in the 1990s. Almodóvar is a regular visitor to the island, and the art of Manrique influenced a huge amount of the film.
If you’re visiting Lanzarote for the fashion weekend, after the festivities are complete, it’s definitely worth going on a culture crawl across the island to really get an idea of the inspiration processes of these great artists and designers.
A great shopping destination
If the fashion show inspires you to update your wardrobe and go on the hunt for some Lanzaroteño inspired clothes, then you’re well-served for shops wherever you are on the island. The Biosfera Plaza shopping centre in Puerto del Carmen is a great place to start, featuring mini golf and a rooftop open air cinema, as well as Spanish brands such as Zara and Pull & Bear. Another shopping centre worth a visit is Deiland, in Playa Honda right by the airport, perfect if you’re looking to pick up some bargains to go straight in the suitcase home.
The island’s capital, Arrecife, also offers some of the best Lanzarote shopping experiences, with plenty of big brands on the main street, Calle Real - as well as smaller vendors scattered all over the town. The shaded streets are a great place for a lazy day’s shopping and sightseeing in a more traditional surrounding than a shopping centre - just remember that most shops close for siesta in the early afternoon!
Fantastic weather
The climate in Lanzarote in May is very agreeable, especially considering it’s almost peak season - but rest assured that it won’t be as crowded as it is during the British school holidays. With average highs of 21 degrees celcius and lows of 17, the island benefits from winds from the Atlantic Ocean, meaning that it’s quite often cooler than some Mediterranean resorts. The Lanzarote weather is just another reason to visit - like you needed an excuse! 
A place to stay
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