Lanzarote Events: Wine Run & Traditional Cuisine Festival

Posted on 31 May 2018


As you step aboard your plane, outbound to Lanzarote, what kind of activities do you imagine taking up while you’re there?
Lounging by the pool? Sure.
Sipping cocktails (or a cold beer!) in the sunshine? Absolutely.
Walking barefoot across soft white sand? Of course.
Running a half marathon through volcanic vineyards, with wine-tasting pit stops throughout? Obviou… wait, what?
If you’re visiting Lanzarote this June and want to try something a little different from the norm while you’re here, the Lanzarote Wine Run will be right up your street. Taking place on the 16th-17th June (2018), this unique event attracts thousands of locals and tourists - offering a chance to see some of Lanzarote’s stunning volcanic scenery, taste fresh cuisine and sample local wines.

The itinerary

This year marks the 10th anniversary of this famous Lanzarote event, and will be held in Uga, a small, wine-producing village on the south-west of the island. The festival runs across both Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th, but the run itself takes place on the Sunday morning. So, what can you get up to on each day?
Saturday 16th
On Saturday, the traditional Lanzarote food festival opens its doors, offering runners a chance to sample local delicacies, drinks and foods produced on the island. From freshly-caught seafood and meats through to vegetarian tapas, artisanal cheeses and more, there’s plenty of food on offer here to fill an empty belly. You’ll also need to visit Uga on the Saturday to collect your race number and t-shirt, along with passes to the food festival, so a trip here on the eve of the run is as necessary as it is enjoyable.
In the evening, a lively atmosphere descends on Uga thanks to a music concert that sees visitors into the late evening. As soon-to-be runners and walkers enjoy the sounds of the island’s resident musicians beneath a blanket of stars, there’s a feeling of excitement in the air as to what the next day holds. Luckily, Saturday’s festivities don’t wrap up too late - so you’ll have plenty of time to sleep off your food before your run!
Sunday 17th part 1: the race


After a good night’s rest in a private villa, it’s time to put on your running shoes, grab your number sheet and head to the starting line. There are a few different ways you can take on the winerunner experience:
  • The long race is the core 23.2km half marathon. Participants should be at the starting line for 9:00am
  • The short race is the 11.5km run. Participants should be at the starting line for 9:45am
  • There’s also a trekking option, which is an easygoing 11.1km walk. Participants should be at the starting line for 10:00am
No matter which way you decide to experience this primary part of the Wine Run Festival, you’re bound to be mesmerised by the stunning vistas you’ll see as you head out into the Lanzarote countryside. From its dramatic mountain ranges and deep-blue skies through to the lunar-like ground speckled with isolated palm trees and patches of greenery, the landscape here is undeniably impressive.
The walk or run itself is as challenging as you want it to be. Some prefer a leisurely meander along the route with plenty of stop offs for chats, breaks and wine-tasting, while others out to test their abilities can race to the finish line. Either way, with 300 days of sun a year, it’s unlikely you’ll be making your journey in the shade - so make sure you bring a refillable water bottle and plenty of suncream.
Sunday 17th part 2: back to the food and drink!
Lanzarote activities don’t come much more fun than the Wine Run - and, once you’ve finished your route, you can indulge in more of the island’s delectable food and drinks. Back in Uga, the food festival will be in full swing, with more of Lanzarote’s vendors showing up to tout their wares. Whether you’re sipping on a well-earned pint of lager while you soak up the sounds in the music arena, or you wind your way around the stalls picking up sweet and savoury tapas, the food festival offers a fitting and satisfying way to round off the day.

Lanzarote's wine-producing heritage


Lanzarote hasn’t always been a wine-lover’s paradise. In fact, it was only in 1775 that the island’s first winery, Bodegas El Grifo, began production. The island was plagued by almost constant eruptions throughout the early 18th century, which caused much of the island’s fertile soil to be buried under volcanic ash, along with around 20 towns and villages. Locals eventually learned that this new landscape was ideal for cultivating grapes - and thus, the island gradually became home to a number of wineries, many of which are still around today.
Relax and unwind at one of our villas in Lanzarote
Whether you’re flying in solely for the Wine Run or staying in Lanzarote in the days and weeks surrounding it, the best option when it comes to accommodation is a private villa. With a huge range of villas in Playa Blanca, just a 20-minute car ride to Uga, you’re guaranteed to find a perfect place to call home while you’re on the island.
Registration for the Wine Run Festival closes on the 10th of June, and you can sign up here.
For more information on the Wine Run, be sure to check out the festival’s site here.


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