4 Reasons To Book A Last-Minute Christmas Getaway To Lanzarote

Posted on 28 November 2018

Around the time that exact same Morecambe & Wise special comes on the TV, and the torrential rain turns it into yet another Brown Christmas, you might start to feel very un-festive. There is another way to embrace the season, however, and that’s embarking on a Christmas break that allows you to soak up the winter sun in the jewel of the Canaries.
In this post, we’ll make a series of points to form a bulletproof case to eschew your family commitments and escape for a Christmas in Lanzarote…
White water Christmas
Surfing on Christmas Day in the UK is possible, but you’ll be in freezing cold water wishing you were anywhere else, and the windswept beach won’t offer much in the way of relief once you’ve been repelled by the inclement waves.
Lanzarote in December is a peak surf season destination, and the outside temperatures will rarely dip below 22 degrees, so you can be sure of a much more pleasant experience - especially if you or a member of your group are learning to surf for the first time!
A new routine with home comforts
For many people, Christmas is the same more or less every year. The meal, the TV offering, the whole routine can seem a little oppressive after a while - especially if you host the annual gathering.
While we won’t be so rude as to call it an ‘escape’ when you opt for a more chilled-out version of Christmas with a select group of loved ones, it might seem that way. Sherry will be replaced by small bottles of Tropical and your great uncle’s hilarious anecdotes will be replaced by the sound of waves gently lapping against the shore… Bliss.
If you feel a little uneasy about leaving behind the Queen’s speech and the traditionally ultraviolent Christmas episode of Eastenders, then fear not, as a large number of our villas offer Sky TV, meaning you won’t miss a second!
Leave the stress behind (but bring the family)
If you’ve got three generations of family descending upon you this Christmas, things can get a little stressful - think last-minute shopping panics, not having enough chairs and the last-second realisation that your niece is now a vegan!
If your Christmas tends to be this way, then our range of Lanzarote villas will certainly look tempting - and with large, multi-bed properties and several Optima villas in Playa Blanca occupying the same development, it’ll be easy to fly out the rest of the family for a Christmas in the sun together.
Embrace the serenity
Lanzarote will be quiet on Christmas Day, leaving you free to explore the beaches and volcanic hills after a hearty lunch. Going out for a walk after Christmas lunch in the UK will often involve traipsing around quiet streets and muddy wooded paths, mumbling polite hellos to dog walkers.
In Lanzarote, on the other hand, you’ll be able to go for a swim, explore eerie hillocks hewn out of volcanic ash and ramble through the unspoilt villages of the interior - all in time for leftovers and an extra glass of sangria once you get back to your villa!

So, if you’re tempted to bask in the glorious Lanzarote weather this Christmas, then have a browse of our range of villas today and find the perfect venue for an unforgettable festive season for you and your family!

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