Lanzarote's Celebrity Visitors

Posted on 01 May 2018
When it comes to seeking out blue skies and golden beaches, even celebs can’t resist the allure of the Lanzarote weather. With recorded highs of 43 degrees and the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve island conveniently positioned a short 4-hour flight away, visitors here can enjoy a blend of Spanish culture with African temperatures.  
Musical ties
In the late 80s, Madchester crossover band The Stone Roses recorded their debut self-titled studio album. Released to critical acclaim, the record went on to inspire a generation to pick up guitars and arguably created the stepping stones for Britpop. The video for one of the band's standout tracks, Fools Gold, featured psychedelic visuals of the band performing on a certain volcanic landscape - Lanzarote!  
The video was directed by none other than renowned director Geoff Wonfor, best known for his work on The Beatles Anthology. Nowadays, there's less baggy clothed neo-hippies on the island and more celebrities and people of interest. Famous folk of all calibres, from Jenson Button to Justin Bieber, now frequent the island just as they would Marbella or Miami. 

Favoured by global figures
The golden sands of the Lanzarote beaches have also been felt on the toes of some of the leaders of the globe. Ex-Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron and wife Samantha, were photographed holidaying on the island in 2016 enjoying an Easter break in Playa Blanca. Reportedly bumping into another celebrity figure, Scottish rugby star Jim Hamilton. Another world leader, Spain’s former ceremonial head of state, King Juan Carlos l has regularly paid visits to the island. 
Lanzarote has also given the world a famous figure, too. Lanzarote native, César Manrique, was a famed sculpturist, architect and artist whose work will be familiar to anyone who has visited the Canary Islands. Manrique’s stern lobbying determined the future townscape of Lanzarote, successfully halting construction which he and the community deemed unsightly. Manrique can be thanked for Lanzarote remaining idyllic with uncompromised natural beauty - a sharp contrast to the tourist tower blocks which blight mainland Spain.


It isn’t all leisure 
Lanzarote isn’t just a place for A-listers to wind down -  from time to time, they’ve also found themselves on the job. Broken Embraces, a romantic thriller from Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar was shot on the island and released in 2009. Almodóvar’s decision to utilise Lanzarote’s beautiful environment wasn’t a bad one, with reviews praising the use of bright primary colours.   
Earlier incarnations in Almodóvar’s filmography include artistic works with Antonio Banderas to his now signature style of bright colours, prevalent in the majority of Almodóvar’s work. His provocative storytelling technique has lauded him accolades such as the ‘most influential Spanish filmmaker since Luis Buñuel’ and he has worked with some of Spanish cinema’s biggest stars - including Penélope Cruz. The filming began Cruz’s love affair with Lanzarote, having returned on numerous occasions to bask in the scorching temperatures of the island.

Almodóvar wasn’t the first director to bring a set to the island. One of the greatest cinematic directors of all time, Stanley Kubrick, shot various scenes from his now legendary sci-fi blockbuster 2001: A Space Odyssey to the backdrop of Lanzarote’s volcanic dunes - offering a martian-like environment.  
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