Feliz Navidad: Lanzarote at Christmas

Posted on 21 December 2018

Canarians, and Lanzaroteños in particular, make no secret of the pride they have in their own traditions, especially during the festive season. Christmas in Lanzarote is brimming with quirks unique to the archipelago, and in this post, we’re running through some of our favourites.

La Noche Buena

A Spanish Christmas is all about Christmas Eve, rather than Christmas Day itself. La Noche Buena, literally ‘The Good Night” is all about getting together with loved ones and eating a traditional meal.

On Lanzarote, this will typically mean plenty of langostinos con salsa rosa (prawns in Marie Rose sauce) a fish-based main course and traditional turron - an ultra-sticky almond-based dessert - to finish. Noche Buena normally culminates in a trip to the local church for mass, and there’s plenty of beautiful churches to choose from for this authentic slice of Canarian life.

The key advantage of La Noche Buena is that you can have a regular, British-style Christmas Dinner on the day itself - two different Christmases in one!

Los Reyes Magos

Father Christmas’ GPS doesn’t stretch as far as the Canaries - instead, the three wise men take the main gift-giving responsibilities. On the Cabalgata de Los Reyes Magos, a parade that takes place on the day we call Twelfth Night, the kings parade through the streets and are given wish lists by local children.

These gifts then magically appear on the morning of the 6th of January - the workload is a lot easier when split across three kings, rather than one eccentric man in a fancy red suit. There will be a Cabalgata in just about every town on Lanzarote - so it’s well worth seeing if you fancy a second dose of Christmas in the New Year.


Literally translating as Bethlehem, a Belén is a Spanish twist on the traditional nativity scene. You’ll find these absolutey everywhere - from shop windows to homes and public squares, you’ll be able to while away an afternoon spotting these charming depictions of baby Jesus in the manger.

So, whether you’re gearing up for Christmas in the dazzling Lanzarote weather or plotting a getaway for Christmas 2019, we’re sure you’ll enjoy these traditions. Our range of Lanzarote villas are of course the best places to stay during an exotic Yuletide on the island, so have a browse today!



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