Holidays in Lanzarote: The Quest for Spring Sunshine

Posted on 28 March 2018
Winter is over, apparently. The days are getting longer, and, once we’ve stopped being blasted by the Beast from the East, the temperatures will start to rise and the snow will be but a distant memory. Apparently.
But what if you can’t wait that long? What if spring turns out to be a long, dreary slog? Well, why should you take that chance? You could find that spring sunshine you’re longing for sooner than you think, with a timely trip to Lanzarote. Let’s look at what the island has to offer...
The climate
The Lanzarote weather is legendary, and has motivated many people to relocate to the beautiful island full time. You would expect, with the island’s proximity to Saharan Africa, that the climate gets uncomfortably hot very early. However, thanks to the vigorous Atlantic wind, the island maintains a balmy climate year-round - with highs rarely exceeding 28 degrees celsius. So, your spring getaway won’t be too hot, just enough to raise a light sweat after a walk among the volcanoes - easily treated by putting your feet up and sipping a bottle of Tropical by the pool!
Not quite peak season
There are benefits to both peak season and off season in holiday resort islands like Lanzarote. Off season is quiet, cooler and there are no queues, but often buzzing summertime premises are shuttered due to lack of commerce. Peak season, these places are open, but they can be stiflingly busy, with long queues at the bars and attractions.
But fear not! There is a third way, and it involves sampling the Lanzarote weather in March or April, when the beaches aren’t too full but everything is open and the bar and club owners are excited for another season of business - giving you a truly relaxing holiday experience, miles away from the unseasonable snow blasting you on the way to work.
Sample the beaches
Smaller crowds means more beach space - and there are a huge array of Lanzarote beaches to choose from. Most of our villas are based around the southern end of the island - and there’s few beaches better than Playa Blanca weather-wise. The resort gets the benefit of the breeze coming off the strait that separates Lanzarote with Fuerteventura. If you’re looking to be more adventurous, why not strike out for one of the more secluded beaches like Caleton Blanco - a series of coves near the small village of Orzola that is simply ideal for giving children their first taste of sea swimming as the coves are very well protected from the wider ocean. Another great option for some unique holiday snaps is the Playa Quemada - translated as ‘burnt beach’ thanks to its dark volcanic sand and rocks. The beach is next to a pretty village of the same name that offers plenty in the way of snacks and restaurant meals.
Strike out for the mountains
The slightly cooler Lanzarote weather in April means that the wide open, wild spaces inland like the Timanfaya National Park are easier to hike across - and easier to make a full day of it under the balmy sunshine. There’ll be fewer people out and about, so after a few hours getting lost in the otherworldly landscape, you’ll feel like an explorer striking out for new land - just like the first settlers here that made landfall on this unusual island hundreds of years ago!
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