Lanzarote Events: Haría Extreme

Posted on 10 October 2018

Our blog posts often extol the virtues of Lanzarote as a peaceful haven fit for hours of relaxation. Indeed, it is, and we know all about days in which the only exertion is reaching for the next can of Tropical from the comfort of the sun lounger.

However, some tourists are on the lookout for holidays that are a little more strenuous than the Lanzarote activities described above. In this post, we’re focusing on the gruelling, mountainous Haría Extreme race, based in the village of the same name to the north of the island and taking place on the 17th of November.

The venue

Lanzarote in November offers the perfect time and temperature for a tough overland running race, and Haría is the ideal host. The small village is situated on the northern tip of the island, and is surrounded by volcanic peaks - so even if only one or two of your party is involved in the Extreme, the rest of your group can enjoy a day out in Lanzarote’s peaceful northern province.

Haría boasts the Cesar Manrique House Museum, as well as the Mirador Del Rio viewpoint (pictured below) a short drive away - both great places to indulge in the cultural side of the area that was favoured by Manrique for its beauty and geological quirks.

Of course, these hills provide artistic inspiration, but are also the principal reason why the race attracts hundreds of competitors each year. If you’d much rather be scaling them at speed than relaxing in their shade then you should start to consider the route you want to run at the Haría Extreme.

The race

There are options for all ages and abilities at the Haría Extreme, from the 10km Geoparque Starter race to the whopping 94km Cicar Ultra for seasoned ultramarathon racers, which starts in Timanfaya on the other side of the island and takes in volcanoes, beaches, mountains and more. In between these two extremes are the 23km Medium and the 44km Maratón. 

There’s even the Kids Extreme Race, with no competition element and a flexible distance to get kids active and enthused about running without too much intensity - so even the little ones can get involved in a controlled, fun environment.

Where to relax

After such a strenuous day running up and down the peaks of Haría (or sipping a few drinks in its rustic atmosphere), you’ll need somewhere with a bit of peace and quiet to calm down. Our range of villas in Playa Blanca offer a superb base for an activity-focused getaway. 

Whether you’re opting for a small-scale home-from-home that offers quiet relaxation, or your trip to the Haría Extreme is part of an active break, our Lanzarote villas are diverse enough to suit anyone’s needs.

Browse our full selection of villas today and visit the Haría Extreme website to register your place on what promises to be an unforgettable addition to the Lanzarote events calendar.

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