Car Hire In Lanzarote: What You Should Know

Posted on 05 October 2018



When visiting Lanzarote, the single best way to see the island is with a hire car, that enables you to travel at your own pace and take in as much - or indeed as little - as you like.

Hiring a car can be intimidating for some as there have been some instances in the past of fraud and malpractice in the sector. In this post, courtesy of Indigo Car Hire, we intend to give you the information you need to be confident that you know all eventualities before they may even happen.

Before booking

Consider what you actually need the hire car for, if you just require a transfer from the airport, wouldn’t you save a few quid by getting the coach instead? If your holiday includes transfers, do you really need to collect your car from Arrecife Airport or would you be better collecting a vehicle from a location closer to your destination?

A big mistake made by a lot of holidaymakers is choosing a vehicle of the wrong size. Just because your family hatchback at home is comfortable for the four of you doesn’t mean that a similar size vehicle will be just as comfortable with 4 x 22kg suitcases and hand-luggage in tow.

Think about your budget

All car hire companies in Lanzarote require a deposit. This can range from €150 to €1500, this will not be taken from your card but will be held (frozen) until the car is returned.

Then there’s insurance, your rental cost will include basic insurance, much like your car insurance policy at home, just with higher excesses. You can buy a little bit of peace of mind by opting for extra insurance to reduce this excess liability. However, the daily charge for this is sometimes higher than the rental cost itself.

Another option is to purchase a daily or annual reimbursement policy before you travel, as this will protect you against the car hire excess but will mean you have to pay it initially. You may also be covered by your bank, so do a little research.

Then there are the extras, sat nav, child seats and additional drivers to name just a few. All of these tend to come at an extra cost.

Fuel & payment

Most car hire companies in Lanzarote operate what’s known as a Full-to-Full policy, this means they will ask you for an upfront payment for a full tank of fuel, then when the car is returned full of fuel, they will refund this.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, how do you intend to pay for the car? Most if not all suppliers require a credit card in the lead driver’s name. Many people are still surprised to learn that you cannot hire a car with a debit card. Well, that is until Indigo Car Hire got involved. We have arranged a deal with car hire suppliers at Lanzarote Airport and some downtown locations meaning car hire with a debit card is now possible.

Making your booking

Using a broker is a very popular way to book a rental car these days. For most of us, time is of the essence and we don’t have time to call around six different companies to have the same conversation. Tell your broker exactly what your requirements are and they should come back to you with the best package to suit your needs. This doesn’t always mean the cheapest option unless the price is your only concern.

Provide your car hire broker with as much information as possible, even if you think it’s irrelevant. Important points to cover right from the off are:

-Your age, some suppliers will only rent to those between 25 and 70 years old. However, with the right supplier, these limits can be lifted
-Your driving experience, most car hire companies require you to have held a full licence for 2 years, although this isn’t set in stone
-Your driving history - Some suppliers need squeaky clean licences, others will allow 3, 6 or even 9 points, depending on what they were for
-Your budget, as deposits can range from €150 to €1500
-Your preferred method of payment


Collecting your rental car

Before leaving for the airport, make time to flick the kettle on, sit down with a cup of tea and read your booking confirmation and terms back to front.

Those documents will outline what is required from you when collecting your car. This will generally include passport, photo ID, driving licence, a recent utility bill and a payment card.

Some suppliers may want to do a licence check, this means you must contact the DVLA before you set off. Keep in mind that It’s impossible to do this at 11pm in Arrecife Airport!

Completing the paperwork can take time, don’t expect to arrive at the car hire desk and drive away within 5 minutes. Send the family off for a drink and a sit down while you sort out the particulars.

Things to remember

Do not let them sucker you in with a cheap upgrade, this generally means they have sold out of the car you have reserved and you’ve been upgraded anyway.

Do not fall for the sales pitch about insurance.

Always go with the car hire rep and check the vehicle for existing damage and ensure everything, no matter how small, is noted on the check out sheet. Take photos and document everything.

Always check the fuel gauge and make sure the level is as it states on your contract.


Returning a hire car

Make yourself aware of where the vehicle needs to be returned, each supplier’s return policy will be slightly different. Give yourself time to return the car, sort the paperwork and return to the terminal.

The rental service will want to check the car for any new damage, do this with them and only sign the sheet when you understand what you are signing for, if the check-in sheet shows more damage than the check-out sheet then this is going to cost you.

Make sure to stop on the way to the airport and fill the tank, keep the receipt to show them when and where it was filled up. If the tank isn’t full they will refund your fuel deposit plus an admin charge and a cost per litre which no doubt will be much higher than pump prices.

Don’t be late, some suppliers offer a 30-minute grace period but any more than this and they will charge you for another day.

Make sure the car is clean, any mess or stains that are seen to be excessive will result in a cleaning fee. Dust and dirt from the road on the outside of the car are of course excluded in this, rental companies do not expect the car to have had a full valet, they just want it to be returned in the same condition it was in when you picked it up.



In summary

Hiring a car in Lanzarote doesn’t have to be an arduous task, in fact, it can be very straightforward and mean you get to explore the beautiful island in your own time. If you read, understand and follow everything above, then you will have a seamless rental experience. As with any purchase or rental, things can and do go wrong, using a car hire broker to arrange your rental can also mean that you have someone in your corner if you do need a lodge a complaint.

You can find more information on driving in Lanzarote here.


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