Blogs for the year 2015

Lanzarote Christmas
22 December 2015
The festive season is obviously one of the most popular times of the year to escape the UK and Eire and enjoy some winter sun and Lanzarote is always fully booked across this period. So what can visitors to the island expect from their Christmas here in Lanzarote? COUNTER CULTURE One of the mo...
Green Dreams
30 November 2015
The popular tourist attraction of the green lagoon at El Golfo is finally being restored to its former glory, with work beginning next week to drain and clear the disappearing stretch of water. Despite wide agreement amongst the political parties on Lanzarote that the work needed to be undertaken, i...
New attractions on Lanzarote
11 November 2015
The green light has been given for a new attraction on Lanzarote – or rather just offshore – with an underwater sculpture museum opening just off the coast of Playa Blanca in 2017. The designer of this unusual installation is Jason deCaires Taylor, a British sculptor, who has already ...
More Music in November
27 October 2015
Anyone planning a villa break here on Lanzarote next month will be able to take in a couple of high profile events during November. As the island´s winter season cultural calendar kicks off with a great classical concert at the Cuevas de los Verdes and a new musical which pays homage to the le...
Lanzarote's Cultural Attractions
22 October 2015
Attendances at Lanzarote’s key cultural attractions continue to climb, buoyed by rising visitor numbers to the island and a programme of promotions that is keeping admissions on an upward curve. So far this year 2,107,595 people have paid to visit Lanzarote’s main centres of...
Manrique Trail
9 October 2015
Tourist authorities in Arrecife are continuing their push to attract more visitors to the capital with the announcement of a new plan to create a Manrique Trail. Which would allow aficionados of the island born artist and architect to discover more about his work within the confines of the capital. ...
Passenger Power
24 September 2015
Delays. There’s nothing more frustrating for holidaymakers. Especially when your flight is late as a result of often unspecified “technical issues”. But now this frustration for flyers is at an end, thanks to a landmark ruling that was made in the European Court of Justice last wee...
Access All Areas
22 September 2015
New infrastructure investments have been made to improve the accessibility in the heart of Playa Blanca. 50,000 Euros has already been spent by the local Ayuntamiento creating new ramps and adding railings to the most heavily used roads in the southern town. This includes the main street Calle Varad...
Boozers on Board
7 September 2015
You never know who you might end up sitting next to on your flight to Lanzarote. Only last month a couple returning from the island on a Jet2 flight to Leeds/Bradford airport were arrested on arrival, as their drink fuelled fun and games got wildly out of hand. Whilst other airlines have taken the s...
Tourists Visiting Canaries
6 August 2015
The quantity of tourists visiting the Canaries and in particular Lanzarote continues to rise according to the latest data just released by ISTAC, so providing further fuel for the new regional president’s recent proclamation about limiting the number of passenger arrivals in the archipelago ea...
Fiesta Forever
15 July 2015
It´s party time in Playa Blanca at the moment, as the resort gets down to the serious business of celebrating the major fiesta of summer, which is held in honour of the Virgin of Carmen, the island´s patron saint of fishermen. As an island that was once much more reliant on fishing th...
Lanzarote's Culture Club
22 June 2015
The number of people visiting Lanzarote’s Centres of Art, Culture and Tourism continues to rise according to the latest data just released by the Cabildo, the local island government. With admissions for Lanzarote’s main attractions up by just under 50,000 visitors during the first five ...
Air Traffic Control Strike
12 June 2015
First the French, now the Spanish.  You can always tell it’s summertime when air traffic controllers start rattling their sabres.  And next week it’s the turn of Spain’s flight fixers to abandon their control towers and stage a walkout as part of a phased plan of industri...
Visit Lanzarote's Film Star
3 June 2015
Many first time visitors to Lanzarote may well not be aware that there is a film star in their midst. But close to Playa Blanca lies the famous Green Lagoon of El Golfo, also known locally as El Charco de los Clicos, which has provided the backdrop for a number of big screen productions over the las...
Thru The Grapevine
12 May 2015
Whilst wines from Lanzarote have won plaudits and awards in competitions around the world they’ve never been matched against each other before and judged – until now.  As the first contest for locally produced wines will be taking place on May 14th and 15th at the Castillo de San Jo...
Arrivals Rise Again
24 March 2015
Lanzarote’s popularity as a holiday destination has really taken off over the last few years, taking visitor number to ever higher levels. Since 2010 alone the quantity of foreign tourists enjoying a stay on the island has soared by just over 20% - and this trend shows no signs of abating i...
On The Buses
9 March 2015
We’d heard that border controls are getting increasingly lax across Europe, not least at Arrecife airport where one of our number recently strolled past a particularly sleepy border control booth without being challenged on arrival. But the recent story about a pensioner travelling from Lan...
Green Light for Marina
12 February 2015
Following the successful development of the new Sport Marina in Arrecife, the local council for Yaiza has announced that the ferry port in Playa Blanca will see redevelopment plans implemented from September this year. The envisaged amplification of the port will command a much higher budget of 4...
Holidays Better Than...
22 January 2015
We all know how important it is to have a regular break from the daily routine. But according to a recently released survey holidays are even more important than sex for many Brits! With one third of all respondents stating that they’d value an extra week’s vacation over a romantic liais...
Easyjet named most reliable
12 January 2015
Which UK airline is the most reliable?  Well if you’re planning a villa holiday here on Lanzarote during the course of 2015 then you’d be best advised to book your flights with easyJet, as according to aviation analysis experts OAG they are the carrier that most regularly arrives on...