6 Reasons To Stay In A Lanzarote Villa

Posted on 29 September 2017


Whether you’re planning a romantic break away, an action-packed trip with friends or a fun family vacation, the type of accommodation you choose for your holiday will play a key part in making it memorable.
Naturally, everyone has different priorities and needs for holiday accommodation, but if relaxation, privacy, comfort and flexibility are all high on your agenda, Lanzarote holiday villas could be just what you’re looking for. Read on to find out more.
1. Everyone together, under one roof
If you’re travelling as part of a family or large group, one of the major plus points for choosing to stay in Lanzarote villas like Villa Abaego is that everyone can stay together under one roof. In a spacious 5 bedroom villa like this, you’ll have everything you need in one stunning location, and plenty of space for everyone to enjoy their break together.
2. Complete privacy at all times
Another huge benefit of booking villas in Lanzarote is having complete privacy from the outside world - allowing you to fully switch off and relax in peace. From romantic hideaways for loved up couples to uninterrupted family time together, private villas in Lanzarote, like Villa Palmyra, offer a secluded and secure haven to enjoy quality time together - whether that’s lazing by the pool or dining al fresco.
3. The option of dining in
Eating out is just one of the most appealing parts of a holiday, but the costs can soon add up - and it can also prove challenging when you have bedtime routines for children and eating habits or allergies to contend with. Whether you’re trying to cut back on spending money, cater for different diets or maintain normal mealtimes, choosing Lanzarote self-catering villas gives you the option of cooking in and dining at a time and cost that suits you - making holidays more relaxing, enjoyable and affordable.
4. Enjoy endless quality time together
Holidays are about spending quality time with loved ones, and choosing one of our Lanzarote holiday villas will allow you to do just that. With everyone all in one place, you can make sure holidays are focused solely on enjoyment together - whether that’s making a splash at a Lanzarote villa with a pool or venturing out on a day trip together.
5. The perfect place to celebrate special occasions
If you happen to be away for a special occasion or celebration, then hiring private villas in Lanzarote will provide you with a wonderful hassle-free venue. When it comes to luxury villas, Lanzarote has plenty to offer, with properties like Villa Keur Africa coming with a games room, BBQ, outside dining area and its own private pool - so you can host an epic party, whatever the occasion!
6. Greater freedom and flexibility
Finally, staying in villas in Lanzarote affords guests greater flexibility and freedom. There’s no timetable to stick to, other than your own, leaving you free to come and go as you please. This element of freedom can be incredibly beneficial for families or those who like to do their own thing on holiday.
Whatever type of holiday you’re hoping for, one thing is for sure, with a stay in one of our beautiful villas, Lanzarote will offer you all the privacy, flexibility and convenience you need for a fabulous holiday. 
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