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Cots for infants cost £2/ day.

Pool heating, if required, is charged on a per villa basis (average £7/ day).

A surcharge of £20 per night will be added for stays less than 7 nights.


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Had a great holiday at this villa. The sun room was a bonus and the pool lovely when it got too hot. The walk into town or the marina wasn't too far and very enjoyable in the evening. Hadn't been to Playa Blanca before and enjoyed it very much. We were well looked after by [the property manager] and pick up too and from the airport was so easily arranged. Great for families and romantic getaways.
Will definitely book again.
Thanks again for letting us rent your villa; it felt like home for 2 weeks.

HomeAway - Review #5520717 "Great Villa, Great Location"

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UK Workforce: Productivity Data Breakdown


At Optima Villas, we wanted to know whether Brits think their holiday allowance at work is acceptable and learn more about what would make them more professionally productive - so we conducted an online survey to find out.

With answers ranging from more flexible working hours to longer breaks during the working day, we asked the general public to tell us what would make them more productive at work.
Respondents were able to select more than one answer, and the results are included below - segmented by gender, age group and location.

Topline results:
Respondents were asked: 
Do you think your holiday allowance at work is acceptable?
Yes: 66.4%
No: 33.6%
Yes: 69.6%
No: 30.4%
Yes: 63.2%
No: 36.8%
Yes: 63.2%
No: 36.8%
Yes: 71.6%
No: 28.4%
Yes: 73.9%
No: 26.1%
Yes: 62.3%
No: 37.7%
Yes: 52.2%
No: 47.8%
Yes: 73.7%
No: 26.4%
Yes: 65.1%
No: 34.9%
Yes: 55.9%
No: 44.1%
Yes: 90.8%
No: 9.2%
Topline results:
Respondents were also able to select multiple answers to the following question:
Which of the following would make you more productive at work?
Flextime: 35.0%
More holiday allowance: 28.5%
More efficient operating systems: 26:0%
More training opportunities: 21.0%
Longer breaks: 19.5%
More responsibility: 13.0%
Other: 2.5%
Flextime: 33.3%
More holiday allowance: 31.0%
More efficient operating systems: 28.7%
Longer breaks: 23.0%
More training opportunities: 20.7%
More responsibility: 16.1%
Other: 5.7%
Flextime: 37.3%
More holiday allowance: 30.7%
More efficient operating systems: 26.7%
More training opportunities: 24.0%
Longer breaks: 18.7%
More responsibility: 6.7%
Other: 0.2%
More holiday allowance: 37.8%
Flextime: 37.8%
Longer breaks: 27.0%
More efficient operating systems: 27.0%
More training opportunities: 18.9%
More responsibility: 16.2%
Other: 0.1%
More efficient operating systems: 32.4%
More holiday allowance: 27.0%
Flextime: 24.3%
Longer breaks: 24.3%
More training opportunities: 24.3%
More responsibility: 16.2%
Other: 5.4%
Flextime: 46.4%
More efficient operating systems: 35.7%
More holiday allowance: 25.0%
Longer breaks: 17.9%
More training opportunities: 17.9%
More responsibility: 10.7%
Other: 7.1%
More training opportunities: 36.4%
More holiday allowance: 27.3%
Flextime: 27.3%
Longer breaks: 18.2%
More efficient operating systems: 18.2%
More responsibility: 9.1%
Other: 0.4%
Flextime: 52.6%
More holiday allowance: 47.4%
More efficient operating systems: 21.1%
More training opportunities: 15.8%
Longer breaks: 15.8%
More responsibility: 5.3%
Other: 0.1%
Flextime: 38.5%
More efficient operating systems: 30.8%
More holiday allowance: 7.9%
Longer breaks: 7.4%
More training opportunities: 7.3%
More responsibility: 2.1%
Other: 7.7%
Flextime: 34.6%
More holiday allowance: 28.9%
More efficient operating systems: 23.3%
Longer breaks: 21.4%
More training opportunities: 20.8%
More responsibility: 13.8%
Other: 2.5%
Flextime: 40.7%
More efficient operating systems: 37.0%
More holiday allowance: 25.9%
More training opportunities: 18.5%
Longer breaks: 11.1%
More responsibility: 7.4%
Other: 3.7%
More holiday allowance: 34.7%
Flextime: 32.3%
More efficient operating systems: 32.1%
More training opportunities: 16.7%
Longer breaks: 3.5%
More responsibility: 2.1%
Other: 0.3%

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